Why do customers choose Chappell Supply? 

Join the 20,000 customers that trust us with their business.

Care: Our teams care about the relationships and experience of YOU, the customer

Expertise: We have to be the experts to get the right solution and the right equipment for YOU  

Service: We won't sell it if we can't fix it and carry the parts on-hand - our job is to keep YOU up and running

Quality: Put us to the test. If it is not the toughest and best quality, YOU won't find it here


About Us

For 40 years and counting, Chappell Supply & Equipment Co. (CSE, ChappellSuppliesYOU) in Oklahoma City, OK, has relentlessly served our customers, employees, marketplace, and communities. Our customers and teammates have helped us become one of the nation's largest industrial cleaning equipment, chemical supplier, hose manufacturing/assembly, and water treatment/recycling organizations. We are a privately owned family business with three generations of hands-on contributors and leadership. 

We will continue to meet and exceed the expectations and standards set by YOU, the customer. How? YOUR feedback, recruiting and retaining great people, staying ahead of regulatory requirements, setting high quality standards, testing every product we sell, customer hands-on training, and more. CSE is one of only a few truly CETA CERTIFIED (Cleaning Equipment Trade Association) distributors & Suppliers in the United States.

With our extensive product knowledge and service abilities, we are more than just a supplier. We are a partner, consultant, creative solution providers.

Where we are

Chappell Supply Headquarters is located in Oklahoma City at 6509 West Reno Avenue with  distributors and customers all over North America. 


Our Core Values 

Serve: We are servants for customers, our organization, our communities, and our families

Growth: Grow TOGETHER with our customers and employees

Relationships: People and relationships are at the center of what we do 

Accountability: We DO what we say we will do with accountability measures in place

Communication: Always be truthful and communicate to prevent mistakes and surprises


Custom Equipment

Have an equipment idea or seeking a solution for a cleaning problem? We have a portfolio of custom manufacturing projects and want to hear from YOU. 

Service Existing Equipment 

Schedule your Repair or Preventative Maintenance visit

Bring your equipment to our repair center

Add a monthly service program for your facility

Find parts to fix on your own


We encourage and seek feedback on your experiences with us. Let us know how we are doing.  Our organization is looking forward to hearing from YOU, whether it's something great you want to share or something that could make us better.